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Relating in the Dark


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to connect from the heart without using your eyes? Here’s your chance to try!


When sight is removed, you are invited into deeper connection with your physical sensations and internal reality, unblocking your inhibition so as to reveal your truest essence.

i to presents a range of blindfolded connection workshops, focusing on dating, as well as conscious touch and ecstatic dance.

Some workshops are entirely blindfolded from beginning until the closing circle at the very end.


Some involve pair exercises in which one person is blindfolded and the other can see.


Some involve the sensation of taste, inviting your tastebuds to open and revel in their enhanced state.

Come explore what opens in you when you step into the dark.


"It was interesting to discover how my mind made different choices when blindfolded, allowing me to share really vulnerable things things that I wouldn't have normally"

Stephan - Amsterdam, Netherlands

For upcoming Blindfolded workshops check out our events here...

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