Workshops & retreats

What to expect

You are invited to explore and discover yourself and others in a 1-3 hour workshop or multi-day retreat containing a variety of Authentic Relating games. Typically an i to i workshop/retreat involves 10-20 participants, and will take you through a series of interpersonal meditation activities that are designed to:

  • ​safely explore your vulnerability

  • highlight and train awareness of physical sensations

  • create deep connection

  • boost empathy

  • strengthen community

  • be fun!

Participants often walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make every part of their lives even better.

The facilitator

My name is Laurie King. An experienced space holder originating from the UK, I have a deep passion for bringing people together in safe, warm, supportive environments. I recognise how fundamental connection is to contentment and well being. Since August 2019, I have been on a mission to make Authentic Relating more accessible through facilitating workshops and retreats in urban spaces, rural communities and festivals around the world.


"Laurie led us through a series of games and exercises that allowed us to open up and create very real bonds with others and with our own selves. Many emotions were felt in the safest most welcoming environment"

- Jason, Wellington, NZ

"I felt so deeply and beautifully seen, heard and held by everyone in the group, and that was in large part because of Laurie's gift of facilitation"

- Megan, Cape Town, South Africa

"I'm amazed at how your workshops continue to lift me up — especially the online ones, now that I'm in lockdown. It's such a delight to meet new people, genuinely, and feel the warmth and excitement of budding connections"

- Doug, Portland, United States

"Authentic Dating has been the most positive experience I've had in meeting genuine souls with the intention of finding love/romance for over 6 years"

- Matthew, Bristol, UK

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