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Authentic Dating

Tired of the swiping?

Here’s your chance to connect more authentically with those both like-minded and different.

You’ll have several 1:1 encounters throughout the night. Each will be carefully guided, inviting you to be yourself, to communicate openly, and and explore multiples layers and flavours of connection, maybe even sparking a flame or two!

i to i Authentic Dating workshops have already been a big hit in over 20 cities around the world, as well as online.


Workshops are held for both opposite and same sex combinations, and are equally open to those practicing non-monogamy.


"Authentic Dating re-opened an old window for me in a new way. Heaps of fun too! And I did meet a very special person. We just got back from a weekend of Easter rock climbing. Highly recommended for anyone curious and keen to connect with depth & joy" 

Luca - Wellington, New Zealand

For upcoming Authentic Dating workshops check out our events here...

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