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Authentic Relating

workshops & retreats that give you permission to be yourself

Life's too short for chit-chat

What's really going on in your world?

Have you ever had an interaction with another human being in which you felt seen, heard and able to really express your truth? What you probably experienced was Authentic Relating.


Building on the work of Sara Ness, founder of the internationally acclaimed Authentic Revolution, i to i exists to develop and deepen the Authentic Relating modality by organising workshops and retreats within and beyond the Netherlands.

Events cover a wide spectrum of connective practices, from conversation, to movement, to touch. The central themes are Relating, Dating and Blindfolded Connection.

Come along and play some lovingly crafted communication games designed to enrich your interpersonal reality!


"i to i was a game changer for me. I'm blown away on a daily basis as to how easy communicating and relating has been since doing Laurie's incredible workshop"

Andy - Auckland, New Zealand

Upcoming events

Interpersonal Meditation Retreat: A weekend of Authentic Relating & Circling

Olst, Netherlands

09 Jun 2023

7:00 PM

Authentic Dating for men*


09 Jul 2023

7:30 PM

Authentic Blind Dating #3


01 Jul 2023

7:30 PM

Authentic Dating ~ poly edition #3


07 Jul 2023

7:30 PM

Upcoming Events

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